KARATGAUGE NIDHI SDD EDXRF Spectrometer for Precious Metal Analysis

KARATGAUGE NIDHI SDD EDXRF Spectrometer for Precious Metal Analysis

NIDHI Precious Metal Analyzer

Our core business focuses in the Precious Metal Analysis Industry like PMA Hallmark Centers, Gold Refiners, Bullion, Jewellery Shops, Bank/NBFC and Old Gold Exchange are our main key segments. Our customers appreciate our willingness to assume the responsibility for the after sales support and  on time availability of components and spare parts.


Humanised Interface


Convenient Operation


Ultra Clear Camera


Rapid Detection



  • Jewellery Manufacturing
  • Bureau of Quality & Technical Supervision
  • Cash Gold Exchange
  • Recycling Industry
  • Retail Industry
  • Pawn Shop / Refining Industry

NIDHI Precious Metal Analyzer Application Field Advantages and Characteristics

Easy To Use

The Analysis result of the carat grades and the components can be obtained by one click operation

Innovation Function

Contribute to identify the innovative features of gold-plated samples

Product Design

The fuselage structure is small and strong. Beautiful in appearance, suitable for placements in the  showrooms

Fast Detection

Precise results on the chemical composition and carat grades of the sample can be detected within seconds.

Software Function

Use PC and software to facilitate the production of sample test results certificate

Lighting System

Through the camera and the in-cabin lighting system. The inspection location of the sample can be seen, Enhance test confidence

Data Download

Test data can be uploaded to the download network and the detection results are easy to view and share

Safe Protection

X-Ray Protective lock. The X-Ray are emitted only in the closed state, Ensure customer use safely and reliably

Technical Parameters of SDD  EDXRF Spectrometer

  • X-Ray Tube: Beryllium Window Tungston (W) Xray Tube
  • Max Power : 50W
  • Max. Voltage : 50 kV
  • Detection System : Amptek Silicon Drift Detector
  • Count Rate : Upto 90000 cps
  • Resolution : 129+/-5eV
  • Collimators : Multi collimators(optional)
  • Measurement Range : 1-99.99%
  • Measurement Timing : 30-60 sec
  • Working Temperature : 20 to 24oc
  • Power Supply : Operating voltage 200-240V, 50/60 Hz, 300W

  • Measurement chamber size : 350(W)*300(D)*97(H) in mm

  • WxDXH in mm : 350(W)*300(D)*97(H) in mm
  • Instrument dimensions WxDxH in mm: 460(W)*460(D)*390(H) in mm

  • Instrument weight in kg:39kg

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